Confetti Canon

Sometimes there can be a intense pleasure within the making of something that seems to have no purpose. For the exhibition Dee-Dee-Wee-Doom-Pa-Di-Dee curated by Jules van Den Langenberg, I've decided to design and build the Confetti Kanon. This weaponry doesn't shoot explosive projectiles, but it does fire large quantities of confetti. People can bundle their strenghts to pressurise the canon with bicycle pumps and thereafter they can create a rain of colorful confetti.

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Christmas Tree Canon

With a winge a christmas tree can be loaded in the canon and than it can be shot away with air pressure. The current record stands on 64 meters!

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Illumination by Digestion

Biogas powered light source

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Polder Residence

A residence to stay over at the farm, made of a reclaimed silo

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Together with Nina van Bart, Maaike Fransen and Wout Stroucken we've designed and executed a caravan that would appeal to everybody's inner child.

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In honor of the root

We were asked to organise a diner for Dutch Invertuals around the theme Power Play. We decided to make an ode to the root because this is a natural power transmiter.

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